Our Birth Story

In 2014 we were just two girls getting to know each other. Katie had recently moved to Chicago and was dating Ben, Rachael's brother.
Prior to the move Katie's mom taught her how to crochet, so naturally Katie taught Rachael. Fast forward a few years and both of us had more yarn (and completed projects) than we knew what to do with. We had become sisters-in-law and were no longer were living in the same state. Crochet brought us together in 2014, it would bring us together in 2017, just in a different way. 
We started Cali & Cleveland as a way to stay connected but to also find a home for our many projects. How did we pick our name, you ask? Katie was living in Sonoma, California and Rachael was in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Katie has since moved to Cleveland and we have NO intention of changing our name to Cleveland & Cleveland...it just doesn't have the same roll-off-your-tongue flow. 


Rachael is a busy lady - both in life and in interests! Basically, she is passionate about all things exploring and creating. She is a wife, a mom to two wild kiddos, a marketing & management professional by education, a classically-trained chef, a sommelier, a skincare junkie, an exercise enthusiast, and the Cleveland half of Cali & Cleveland!

Her love of crochet began with a terrible attempt at a baby blanket for her first child. Needless-to-say, that monstrosity has since been hidden at the very bottom of the blanket basket!

With a little proper instruction from her soon-to-be SIL (at the time), Katie, and a LOT of practice, Rachael quickly became enamored with everything crochet. She particularly enjoys the imagination and challenge involved in the creation and development of pieces and patterns. 

Most days, you can find her (frazzled) running around after her kids, or standing at her kitchen counter wielding either a crochet hook or a chef's knife.

Favorite thing to hook: BABY BLANKIES!

Katie has always been eager to create. Over the years it’s been jewelry, painting, card making, photography, and probably a few other short lived endeavors.  Her love for crochet started when she was getting ready to move to Chicago. She had just graduated from her Masters program and had spent weeks studying for the boards. Once she passed, she was ready to spend some time on things other than reading text books. With help from her mom, she learned a few stitches and packed crochet books in her car.  First she made wash cloths for her new apartment, then a wonky blanket. Don’t worry, her edges aren't wonky any more!

Katie is a pediatric Occupational Therapist by day and spends her evenings crocheting by the warm glow of the T.V.  When her fingers are tired she enjoys hiking and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops.

Since living in Chicago, Katie and her now husband have lived in Sonoma, Ca (hence the Cali part of Cali & Cleveland) and now Cleveland, Oh. 

Favorite thing to hook: B A S K E T S!