Welcome to 2020


We started last year with a blog post, so we're going to start this decade with a blog post. Think we'll still be writing in a year? 10 years? Fingers crossed. 

Last year we only wrote about 4 blogs, this year our goal is to write, well, more than that. 

Last year was all about transition. Katie moved to Cleveland and Cali & Cleveland had their first big steps. We explored makers markets, bought lots of yarn, and dabbled in pattern making. We hit 500 followers in Instagram (on the 31st of December), which is a big deal for a small business. It means people like what we do and that's pretty awesome. 

This year is all about growth: growing our market season, building our website and online sales, and growing as business owners. 

You may or may not have noticed, our website has changed a bit. On Christmas Eve we decided we NEEDED to switch our host, which meant rebuilding our entire web page.  We're hoping to have all of our products uploaded and may just celebrate with a few discount codes :) 

Cheers to happy, healthy New Year!

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  • Jackie Gaston on

    I want that sweater you’re wearing! ❤ Is it homemade, and do you sell it? 😉 wishing you both well

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