New Year, New Identity (crisis?)

Heyyoooo!! Happy New Year!!!

2018 was a big year for Cali&Cleveland!

After announcing our business to family and friends at the tail end of 2017, Cali&Cleveland launched to the public on January 4, 2018 - it’s been quite the experience!

  • We learned the ins and outs of designing, developing, and managing a website.

  • Launching our Etsy shop enabled us to reach people who don’t HAVE to love us, no matter what.

  • We navigated a long-distance relationship, of the business kind.

  • We took a dive into pattern writing, instead of just pattern following.

  • We put babies in baskets and discovered the niche market of cat baskets - a use we hadn’t originally imagined or expected!

  • We developed invaluable friendships in the maker community, both online, and in person - at real.. live.. market events where you, like, interact with people - like, talk to them and stuff - I know… SO worth it!

  • Speaking of markets, we attended many!! Katie manned all of them, as they were all in California wine country, but in September I was able to fly out to Sonoma so Cali&Cleveland would be full-strength for the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival! We had an absolute blast!



2019 has barely begun (it is Jan 2, after all) and Cali&Cleveland already has some BIG, exciting changes in store.

We will, of course, be sharing all of the details with you as they arise but, today, we thought we’d spill the beans on our biggest, and first change in 2019…..

Ready for it????


Holy shit, right??

After living in California for a little over 3 years, Katie and her husband (my brother) will be moving to Cleveland before Valentine’s Day! While this is obviously exciting all around, it means great things for Cali&Cleveland!

We still plan to return to California for various markets throughout the year - Katie’s mom resides there as well as plenty of friends. We’ll never “need” a reason to visit, that’s for sure!

2019 is the year that Cali&Cleveland will debut in the Cleveland market scene, and we’re raring to go! We’ll keep you updated on where and when you can find us - follow us on Insta for the latest and greatest @caliandcleveland. Please come visit!

Now… on to the new identity (crisis). One of the first, if not THE first thing people ask when we tell them Katie is moving is… “does that mean you have to change your name????”

Oh NO!!

The “Cali” will now be a “Cleveland!” Do we switch the “&” to a “to?” Are we “Ohio&Cleveland,” “Cleveland&Cleveland,” or, our running joke, “Cleve&Cleveland?” What do we do??? We’ve just spent a whole year building our Cali&Cleveland brand! We’ve got a website, Etsy shop, tags, stamps, business cards, a wooden sign with our name literally burned into it! Do we lose our identity? Do we need to go buy a really expensive sports car? Who is that looking back at me in the mirror?????AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Just kidding. We’re not changing our name. Cali&Cleveland we began, and Cali&Cleveland we will stay.


Happy New Year! May it be your best year yet!


Cheers!! Rachael




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