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Every maker has a tool bag. What's in each might be different, but it's what allows us to create. 

Here are some of Katie's favorite things:


When choosing scissors you want them to be compact (so you can travel with them), sharp (so they don't fray yarn) and thin enough so you can snip close to the knot.

Darning needles: 

When weaving in the ends of a project, you'll use a darning needle. Depending on what size yarn you're using, you'll want a needle with a small or large eye. 

These are jumbo ones perfect for bulky or super bulky yarns. 

These have a smaller eye are better for anything smaller. 

Some people like their darning needle to have a bent tip, which can help with amigurimi, attaching two pieces together. These Hook Nook ones are great.

Stitch Markers

No one likes counting stitches, but no one likes wonky projects either. We love these plastic ones from Clover for our crochet projects.

If you're a knitter, try these hexagon ones from Hook Nook or these Amazing ones from Purl Soho.


If you are shopping at Joann's or Michaels, I recommend the Amour crochet hooks by Clover. They are easy to hold onto for long projects and don't cause fatigue or pain.  The Crystalites Acrylic are also really easy on the hand. 

If you're willing to spend a little more money the hooks by Furls crochet are my favorite! The Streamline hooks are made of wood, ergonomic and feel amazing in the hand. Since they are delicate, be careful not to sit on them like I did (cue the tears). I broke my first hook about a month after I got it - They sell a hook case, or use your own hard case. 




Knitting Needles

I can't knit ( a goal for 2020), but Furls is now making single point and circular needles. We are Knitters probably has some great needles too!



You'll want a sturdy bag with material thick enough so that a needle or pair of scissors wont pierce through. 

This canvas bag might be perfect!


If you make amigurumi then you'll need some needles, I've learned this the hard way. It's so much easier to attach limbs when the are set in place with some needles then stitched together. 

Measuring Tape:

If you're testing patterns, making your own, or making garments, having a soft measuring tape will make your projects fit much better, and provide you with a lot of important information. 

Here's a similar one to the one above. 


Do you sell your products? Have a label on your finished pieces raises the bar and adds a professional touch. 

We LOVE All This Wood. We've been using them for 2 years and have always been so impressed with their printing, quick shipping and variety in options. We've tried wooden, cork and leather tags with great results. They are super easy to sew on - Maybe a video is in order? 

Paper Tags:

We initially were stumped on how to label our dishcloths. We didn't want to use wood or leather on something that would be consistently wet. We wanted to display them flat so everyone could feel their texture. When we found these tags by The Knotty Boss our dishcloths became one of our fastest selling products. 



What are you favorites? I love to learn about new tools!


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