Both Rachael and I have other businesses, “real” jobs, and generally busy lives even before crochet. When we first started this I had friends ask “how do you have time to add another thing to your plate??”

 I’m no super woman. I’m also not an over-achiever. But I do have quiet a few interests that I enjoy. I like to think that I know how to balance my time well, and I feel more productive and satisfied when I’m busy. For me, stress doesn't turn into anxiety; it turns into motivation.

I may not have my own kids yet, but I spend all day working with 3-10 year olds. When I get home, the last thing I want to do is think or talk about kid-related things - unless it’s my niece and nephew; I always want to talk about them!  I realize this is going to be interesting when my husband and I have children of our own. I’ve always found that having a 2nd job re-energizes me for my first. I know that sounds totally backwards. But when I’m doing that side job, I’m only thinking about where I am at. I’m not spending time thinking about how I could make a treatment session better or what tools I need to explore. Maybe that means I’m a bad therapist or maybe it means I’m a really smart one. I’d get so burnt out if I spent all my brain power on one thing. Crocheting gives my hands something to do and challenges me in ways my other jobs don’t. I get to be creative and design, or I get to zone out while watching tv and snuggling next to my husband. Win win.

On a side note, these last few weeks I’ve taken a break from crochet and I don’t quite know why. Well, that’s a lie. There’s two reasons. I cleaned my house and my crochet stuff went into its basket. Its only five feet from where I sit but for some reason it’s out of sight, out of mind. I also think I was struggling just a little bit. I really, really wanted to make some hats but I didn't want to use a pattern. I wanted to come up with my own. Why did I think I was able to design a pattern when I hadn't even made more than 3 hats in my lifetime? No idea. So I was frustrated with my lack of skill and kinda gave up. Every single day I tell my kids that they have to practice those difficult things in life otherwise they’ll never get better at them. Maybe I need to OT myself.

So, the key to balance is to make sure you are balancing things that you love. If your balance becomes heavily weighted on one side for a little while, that’s okay. Take the break you need and then even it back out.


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